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10 Pro Tips for Choosing Design for Your Custom Sports T-Shirt

10 pro tips

Choosing design for your custom sports t-shirt isn’t as easy as it sounds. The reason behind this is the emotions that play in. Many professions are bounded to specific dress-codes and uniforms.Let it be a soldier, a police officer or a pilot, their uniform defines them.


The same goes for an athlete or a sportsman; their uniform defines their playing style and reflects their personalities.


For a sports team, various things need to be noticed and the attire that you prefer to wear is unquestionably a significant viewpoint that can’t be neglected. A team needs to choose something that symbolizes them properly and customized sportswear works wonders.



So what makes a great design that can boost your team spirit and pride? We’re going to outline the top 10 tips for you before you start designing your amazing piece of art.


  • Explore your concept


What you need to do first is sketch your design. It’s preferable not to be stressed and take a walkout. Think about something that would go with your team’s persona.


Do a brainstorming process and keep a clear understanding of the reasons why you are customizing a sports T-shirt. Using a proper design strategy can help you communicate your team values.


  • Define your budget


Focusing on details such as your budget and timeline is important for you as it lets you emphasize on your design better. The factors of how much you can spend and the quantity that you need will have an impact on your custom sports T-shirts. Before digging into the design, plan about your quantity and budget accordingly.


If you order the T-shirts for your team in bulk you get to pay the reasonable price which ultimately means more quantity, more savings for you in the longer run.


  • Keep it minimal


The all-time golden rule for designing a sports T-shirt is keeping it simple and minimal. Excessively bustling shirt structures can get jumbled, have issues in printing, and be clumsy to wear as well.


Make sense of a solitary message or bit of symbolism that you need to make, and a spotlight on that for a shirt structure. Remove any design element that is not necessary to be on your sports T-shirt. You can try using black and white colors for more simplicity or with Outright you can have 54 colors variations to assist your choice in designing. So go with any kind of color combination that you need in your design. A custom T-shirt design tends to reflect when it is made with a purpose, direction and simplicity.


  • Fonts and typography


With regards to design, typography is the specialty of typesetting or orchestrating type such that bodes well, alongside picking typefaces, ensuring the letter dividing and line dispersing is right, and the manner in which it interfaces with the graphic elements is satisfying.


  • Size matters


Size when it comes to T-shirts is of huge importance. Many people opt for standard sizing and it must be decided according to the nature of the design. You need to assure that every player of your team gets the shirt that is sized according to his measurement because every sport T-shirts vary in their sizes.

  • Logo design


If you are planning to have a logo on your custom sports T-shirts then you must make a dedicated decision on where to place the logo appropriately.


The logo looks better at the back of the shirts rather than being on the front side. For an overall good presentation of the t-shirt, you should go with a logo design that is flexible, simple yet effective.


  • Color scheme


At the point when team members are wearing similar colors, they in a split second feel associated with others and it gives a sense of being united with each other. So, what is your sports team’s color? Do you want to go with one color or mix two colors? Color is a very significant part in designing the custom sports t-shirts because the color that you will be choosing will definitely become synonymous with your whole team.


Mark your own identity and try not to choose any color that is easily recognizable to any other team found in your community. Choose your combination from 54 color variations of our customized builder and stand out the rest.


  • Composition


The composition is a crucial part of designing a custom T-shirt. It refers to a creative manner in which text, logo or any other images are placed and arranged. Be sure that every element on the shirt is not too bunched up neither it is too spaced up. Have your attention to the key factors of the design.


The imperative point to keep in mind in the composition is that you are the one to create and convey your story to everyone through your customs designs so concentrate more on communicating your essence with color concept or theory. Moreover, you can also include mascots or your sponsors’ names in the design too.


  • Quality


You might have heard many times that quality is not meant to be compromised when it comes to clothing and that’s true. Choose durable and high quality material that can offer integrity to your team. It must be able to sustain after continuous washes and regular use.


  • Resources for designing custom T-shirts


There are many online resources that provide exceptional options for you to design your sports T-shirts in bulk or individual. You need to be careful while choosing one option that is reliable, certain and delivers you the amazingly designed T-shirts for your team.


Are you ready to create your custom sports T-shirt?


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