Custom Esports & Gaming Shirts

Design your esports shirts and order your esports top now on Outright Sports using our building software. Custom Esports shirts are a few clicks away. Pick from a variety of designs we have available.

Some of the features which give our product an edge over the market are;

We offer customization in our gaming shirts so that customer can follow through on their vision and create a product they can flaunt. Esports t shirts design is possible through our building software. It allows the customers to tweak features on their esports tops and custom esports shirts. Change the following:  
  • Texts on the shirt
  • Images to feature
  • Alignment of features
  • Colour of the logo
  Voila! Your esports top is designed to your liking.
If there is one value that is closest to Outright Sport’s heart it is to provide our customers with the finest quality product. Thus, our personalised gaming shirts, custom esports shirts and esports tops are made of high-quality 100% interlock material. This fabric in our esports top is chemically treated to be moisture wicking and dry fit, this ensures that the sweat from the body of the athlete rapidly moves to the outer surface and dries it in no time. Hence, making the player feel comfortable during high performance.
Our personalised esports tops are not only great quality but also come at a great price. Due to sublimation technology, additional sublimation does not add to the cost of your esports t shirt design. What can be better than that?   You can get a great deal my utilizing the following pointers:  
  • Order in bulk. The more you order, the more price esports top drops
  • Order collectively. This way you can save on delivery charges
  • Coupons and Sale: Keep a look out for deals you can avail.
  • Contact us at [email protected] to request a quote
What are you waiting for? Order your esports top now.